Electronic Media Agency

Advertisement on each and every media is vitally important if a company yearns full output and growth. Which is why we cannot ignore the importance of Television and Radio advertisement as even today when the social media has dominated and superseded all other marketing channels but TV commercials and Radio advertisements play an important role for targeting the suburban areas and people who prefer car radios. As an Electronic Media Agency, DE Media Solutions specializes in developing a diversified Brand Strategy where Electronic Media is a tool that can drive maximum number of sales even where internet connection is not available but people reside with needs and wants.

Television Commercials :

TVC are still a popular and deep-rooted way of marketing and promoting businesses. TVC viewership in Pakistan and other developing nations is still embraced as a part of media. We create artistically inspired, concise & powerful TV commercials and advertisements for Television viewers where taglines, video commercials and other advertisement techniques such as strips under news broad cast or a sports channels are used to empower your domestic presence in customer’s minds. Our Television staff is dedicated in making your television commercials uniquely positioned. The development of TV commercials undergoes following procedures:

  • Breaking the pattern
  • Being Interesting
  • First Three second focus
  • Influencers
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Targeting the Right Audience
  • Memorable Tagline and Jingles

Radio Advertisements :

Radio Advertisements are still preferred and widely used by small businesses and brands who target the rural areas where presence of social media is a problem. Even governments still make announcements and run their campaigns by using Radio as a medium alongside other Electronic Media. People prefer listening to news in cars on radio if internet is unavailable on smartphones. Usually in long journeys Radio is the best way to stay updated and this is where DE Media Solution brings in guaranteed successful marketing campaigns for your brand and business. From luring the customer through promotional lines to promoting the discounts and offers, Radio Advertisement is an area where our voice over artists, script writers and other supporting staff works to bring you the best advertisements for your business growth and deep reach in the market.